Model scrisoare de intentie in engleza

Dear Mr. Ionescu,

 I am writing in connection with the position of Sales Manager advertised in yesterday's Romania Libera, position witch matches perfectly with my qualifications and experience. As i have been working in this domain for a few years, some of my achievments include the increase of up to 80% of the revenues, the emerging on the international market, and the successful launching of some products belonging to a number of well known international corporations.

Apart from my deep interest in the position you have advertised, you will also discover that I am a person dedicated to his profession, and I will mention here some of my most recent accomplishments:
  • the increase of international sales from 1% of the company's total income to 75%, dominating more than half of the European market and a third of the market in Latin America in only 2 years;
  • the great development of the client base, witch led to an increase of up to 80% of the company's income and swept competition away almost completely;
  • the creation of a 75 - partner network, coming from 30 countries and 6 continents;
  • reaching a rate of 100% of client retention through maintaining relationships and offering careful attention to services;
  • the opening of a new office in London, witch we expect to double the sales until 2014.
  Your products really belong to the latest technology, being able to change completely the way of organizing sales throug the Internet. I am excited by this technology and i would really like my excitement to be valued in work, thus bringing benefits to your present and future clients. Should you consider that my skills and achievements meet your requirements, I would be glad to meet you in person and discuss the strategies to enlarge your company and to promote it on the national and international markets.

I look forward to hearing from you.
Yours sincerely,
Mihai Popescu

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